The Reasoning Behind #VACUNATEBTX


Curious about #VACUNATEBTX?

Well, wonder no more. We created this hashtag for you. We want everyone in our community to use it. Share your personal story about why you got vaccinated on social media. Make a video. Share a photo. Tell of a memory. Let others know how getting vaccinated helped you reconnect with those around you. And if you haven’t gotten vaccinated, don’t leave just yet!

Don’t have the COVID-19 vaccine?

Although it may seem like the pandemic is over, the threat is still out there! Did you know individuals who choose to get vaccinated are 5x less likely to get sick with the virus than those who are unvaccinated?

Why should I get the COVID-19 vaccine?

This might sound redundant but getting the COVID-19 vaccine helps prevent serious illness, hospitalization, and infection with COVID-19’s other variants. Currently, millions of people have safely gotten the vaccine. Think of how getting vaccinated helps protect yourself, your loved ones and how we are protecting the community from experiencing another lockdown.

Do you know what else is spreading?

Misinformation. Myths and incorrect information about the vaccine has spread just as fast as the virus. One of the biggest reasons is that people don’t know where to properly get informed.

Sites like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health

Organization (WHO) are excellent resources for getting correctly informed. Why? Because sites like these are about the facts and science behind the vaccine, they are not there to mislead people with false news.

Where should I get properly informed?

Click on the following two links CDC and WHO to direct you to informative COVID-19 vaccine webpages.

Find out how they work, what’s inside them, and any other questions you can think of. If that’s not enough, call the City of Brownsville’s COVID-19 Hotline at (956) 394-0012 and get directed to other reliable resources.

Remember, #VACUNATEBTX is free for you to use. So, take advantage, post, engage, and help spread awareness.