Self-isolating & Quarantining Alone

Self-isolating & Quarantining Alone

How to still be together while sheltering in place?

During these crazy times, it’s so important we are follow County guidelines and shelter in place. But, how many of us are sheltering “alone” or are feeling disconnect from our family and friends when we need it most?

Video chat with friends and family!

Call up your family to see how they’re sheltering in place! Have breakfast, lunch and dinner over the phone to stay connected. Seeing our friends and family can bring us comfort and keep us connected.

Participate in Social Media Challenge

Push Up Challenge, See a Pup – Post a Pup, Take Out Challenge or any new challenge that comes your way PARTICIPATE! Challenge your friends and followers to share their workout, quarantine buddy, and favorite local meals.

Foster a Quarantine Buddy

The Brownsville Animal Regulation & Care Center is in need of pet foster parents. Bring home a dog or cat to keep you company during the shelter in place order. If you are interested make an appointment or call ahead at 956-544-7351.

Virtual Happy Hour

Join your coworkers for a VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR! Connect on Zoom, FaceTime or whatever platform you use most, to chitchat and cheers with your favorite at-home adult cocktail. Cheers to #StayHomeBrownsville and #BrownsvilleCares!

Written by Wendy Van Den Boogerd, Content Writer / Blogger